Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Che faro senza Eurydice?

After complaining publicly about how I can't afford to go to the opera, the Deities in their Wisdom let my name come up in the Met's drawing this weekend. Thus, I will be seeing the ever-so-(in)famous Mark Morris/Izaac Mizrahi production of Orfeo Saturday evening.

I'm not really sure what to expect. I've found some lovely moments in the works of Gluck, Lully, et al, but the thought of 2+ hours of French Rococco has, I must admit, filled me somewhat with trepidation.

I do love a lot of the instrumental music of the period -- I use it as the appropriate iPod filler for visiting art exhibits of the same time period, or going through places like Versailles, but not so much in the way of attending full length concerts of it. Oh well, I guess I shall be having my horizons expanded.

(Of course, all that said, I often really don't care for operas when I am introduced to them via sound recordings, but then fall in love when I see them on stage and it all makes sense.)